Heya! New city, new life, new blog!

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce myself, explaining who I am and why I am here.

The idea of scrapbooking came into my life in 2006 when I was on holiday with friends in Southern France. We bought our first scrapbook album and started to scrap upon our return. I enjoyed that first scrappy experience but I don’t know why, I never finished this album and all material ended in my mum’s attic!

In December 2012, a new life started for me. A new job? No. A new apartment? no. What then? Did I won the lottery? Well, in a way YES! A new guy of course! THE guy! :-* We didn’t choose the easiest way: he was living in London, I was in Belgium… Thanks to Eurostar, we made this happen. Every other weekend! (Yes, my wallet is still crying!). And now you want to say: well, what’s the link with scrapbooking?! Ok ok, let me continue! We took so many pictures, every time we were together that it was frustrating to have them only on the computer. Digital cameras are wonderful cause you can take awful lot of pictures and select only the best ones to be printed. But I realised that I didn’t print pictures for ages! I started again, and tought about the old album I never finished. I bought some new materials, browsed the internet, searched for inspiration on blogs, YouTube and magazines. I was back on track!

I recently left Belgium and moved in London, with Honey. I am currently looking for a new challenge in this amazing and wonderful city! My passion for scrapbooking is constantly growing for nearly 2 years and I wanted to share what I do with you ;-).

Hope you will appreciate my works!



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